During my professional career I have built upon a solid education with many
seasons of experience in golf course maintenance and management. A few key qualifications are:

• Years of experience at exclusive, private golf clubs

• Accustomed to varying grass species and difficult growing environments

• Acute attention to detail with broad agronomic background and education

• Extensive golf course construction, irrigation and renovation experience

• Excellent communication skills and ability to develop strong rapport with membership

"I understand
the knowledge, drive and sophistication
required to produce
the best playing
conditions and patron experience."


Advocate for the proper balance of agronomic principles that will result in healthy turf with excellent playability.  A key component to a sound golf course is superb communication and leadership not only with the crew, but with members and club officials as well. While specifics of maintaining turf can vary greatly by property and budget, the ability to balance inputs and factors is of utmost importance. Turf needs proper fertility, water, air, and sunlight.  Basic agronomic principles such as aerification, topdressing, venting, and consistent scouting will get you the desired turf quality.  Golf Course Superintendents can make things more complicated than they need to be, especially with the large variety of products we have at our disposal. I like to keep things as simple as possible.